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Ignition system conversion

New technology in an old suit

Technology has come a long way since our cars hit the road for the first time. Even though we love the original systems, it can sometimes make sense to convert to an electronic setup.

We have a lot of experience with electronic ignition conversions. There are several ready to run systems available on the market and for many people that is a perfect option.

We only make conversions for cars where these options are not available or when everything must look 100% original.

We do not sell any systems off the shelves. We will discuss with every individual customer why an electronic conversion is desired and we'll go from there.

If agreed that this is the way to go we will make a proposal for what is in our opinion the best system for that specific application.

All the systems we rebuild are tested on our distributor test bench and went through a test cycle before we send it out.

Check out our gallery below for some of our work or click the buttons below to see one of our projects in depth. Interested? Just send us an e-mail.

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