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Programmable Dinoplex AEC101

The goal of this conversion was

* To make a system that is fully electronic and does not require the mechanical advance mechanism from the distributor.

* Use something that is proven to be reliable and in case needed parts must be readily available.

* Needs to work with points, hall/optical and inductive sensors.

*End result must look 100% original

The programmable MSD 6AL-2 ticked all the boxes

We start off with one of our reproduced Dinoplex cases.

It is also be possible to use an original Dinoplex case with empty internals.

The original units are repairable so we prefer to use a reproduction case instead of taking an original unit apart.

We disassembled the MSD unit and removed the circuit board. Next step was a lot of fiddling around and coming up with a solution to mount the circuit board inside the Dinoplex case. The original MSD box incorporates heat dissipation measures. These measures also need to be implemented in our Dinoplex design.

Because of this, some machining on the inside of the case is necessary.

We designed a bracket that could be mounted inside the case where the circuit board bolts onto. The need for heat dissipation is taken into account.

Starting to take shape.

Even though it is not strictly necessary, we wanted to keep the original connectors. This will simplify removing the circuit board if necessary.

All good to go.

Next step was to come up with a solution to mount a sensor inside the distributor housing.

We took the MSD inductive sensor and designed a custom shaft and reluctorwheel. We made sure that  the new reluctorwheel can also be used while keeping the original shaft.

From theory to practice.

After setting it up on the testbench and testing it for a couple of hours it was ready to mount in the car for some real world testing.

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