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Here we will show you some of our projects

We are always full of ideas. As soon as we have brought them to life we will share it in this section and show some more about the process involved.

Magneti Marelli distributor body

When rebuilding distributors, it sometimes happens that the housings are beyond repair. Often loose parts have been flying around for years causing catastrophic failure.

Even more often the housings are not usable anymore because parts have been machined out. This is mostly done to build some sort of aftermarket system inside.  In this case it is not possible for us to rebuild the distributor or to fit one of our electronic sensors inside anymore.

These early style distributors are quite rare and used on many Ferrari models until the early 70's. Needless to say that they are difficult to find and expensive.

To solve this problem we produced new distributor housings.

As an additional benefit, we can now provide customers with an electronic ignition system without them having to convert their original equipment.

A good option for people who don't want to mess around with the original equipment but do want the benefits of an electronic system without compromising on the original look.

Stainless steel grill for Fiat 130 Coupé

The original radiator grill for the Fiat 130 Coupé is made out of plastic which is chrome plated afterwards.

In the early 70's plastic parts might have been state of the art and the way to go. 50 years later we prefer solid metal.

The grills for the Fiat 130 are often cracked or broken. Beside that, it is almost impossible to have them chrome plated again so many of these beautiful cars are driving around with grills that have seen better days.

To sort this issue once and for all we produced new ones out of polished stainless steel. They are much more solid and it look as good as a new one.

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