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Elshout Engineering

Passion, perfection and craftmanship

Our goal is to provide parts and services for Italian manufactured cars that are produced in small numbers.

We started this because we love, drive and fix these rare and beautiful cars ourselves.

It is not an unknown phenomenon that availability and quality of the parts  for our cars can be rather problematic. That's no different for us. Therefore we decided to take action instead of searching endlessly for high quality parts.

If we need something and we can't find it, we just make it. And what we produce we like to share and provide to others.

With our engineering background and the knowledge we gained by getting our hands dirty we are able to provide parts and services with the best quality and results.

As of now, we combine this passion with our regular day-to-day jobs. Therefore we won't always be able to answer your questions right away. We also won't always be able to do our work on a tight schedule, but when we do something, we do it right.


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