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Fiat 130
All prices excl. 21% VAT
Fiat 130 Waterpump 4211771


Rebuild waterpump. On exchange basis


PN# 4211771

Fiat 130 waterpump gasket

Waterpump gasket set

Set of gaskets needed when replacing the water pump


PN# 4184496

PN# 4184490

PN# 4170967

PN# 4208859

Fiat 130 valve cover gasket 4222930 4236212

Valve cover gasket set

Set of gaskets for the left and right valve cover


PN# 4222930

PN# 4236212

Fiat 130 Coupé radiator grill

Radiator grill

New stainless steel radiator grill made out of SS430BA


Fiat 130 choke lever

Choke and throttle lever

Reproduction choke and throttle levers for the center console.

Come as a set of 2 pcs.


PN# 4253493


Rollo mounting bracket

Reproduction rollo brackets for the rear headlining . Reinforced

Come as a set of 2 pcs.


PN# 1906892

Fiat 130 distributor oil slinger 9915908

Distributor oil slinger

Small Nylon oil slinger which is positioned on the distributor shaft. This prevents oil from entering the distributor.


PN# 9915908

Fiat 130 wheel bearing PN4179455.jpg

Wheel bearing

Wheel bearing for front and rear.


PN# 4179455


Wheel bearing locknut

Nut to lock the front wheel bearings in the bearing housing. Improved part made of tool steel.


PN# 4210506

Fiat 130 wheel bearing tool

Wheel bearing locknut tool

Tool needed to loosen the front locknut in order to replace the wheel bearing. Can be used with a 3/4" impact gun.



Axle nut

Axle nut, left hand thread.

For left front axle shaft


PN# 4210707

Fiat 130 Dinoplex base plate

Dinoplex base plate

Plate that must be mounted onto the inner wheel well to mount the optional Dinoplex AEC103 case and coil onto.


Fiat 130 ignition lead set 19155290

HT-Lead set

Spark plug wire set.

Top quality spiral wire wound leads, EMI & RFI suppresed, 5kOhm per meter.

Good replacement for original ignition system and a must for electronic systems.


PN# 19155290

Dinoplex aec103 4249572

AEC103 case

A reproduced AEC103 case as was optional for the Fiat 130.

Just an empty case or build with an MSD CD-ignition build inside.

Whatever you prefer, we can make it.

€ Ask for options

PN# 4249572

Dinoplex aec103 id tag

AEC103 Plate

Plate that is mounted on the top cover of the AEC103 case.


Fiat 130 coupé radio plate

Radio mounting plate

Plate needed to install the original Voxson radio and Veglia clock


PN# 1906769


Radio cover

Reproduction cover for the original Voxson radio


Fiat 130 universal joint 4179907

Driveshaft universal joint

Universal joint for the driveshafts. To overhaul both driveshafts 4 pcs. are needed


PN# 4179907

Fiat 130 universal joint 4625636

Propshaft universal joint

Universal joint for the propshaft or also called cardan shaft. To overhaul the cardan shaft 1pc. is needed


PN# 4625636


Transmission mount and vibration dampers

For manual gearbox

New design transmission mount that incorporates commonly available vibration dampers


PN# 4189056 & 4189055 & 4263373


Timing belt cover plate

Plate to cover gap between timing belt cover and pulley. Added to later models by the factory to protect the timing belt from dirt and large particles.


Fiat 130 brake hose

Brake hose set

Complete set for the front and rear brakes. Set of 8 brake hoses


PN# 4213025

PN# 4213026

PN# 4203828

PN# 4203829

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