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Ignition system rebuild

Rebuilding your original ignition system

Original point type ignition systems are often blamed for being unreliable and problematic.

We on the other hand love them and consider them as technical heritage.

We have the experience to get them back in shape and we make them function the way they did when they left the factory.

It goes without saying that we go through all the mechanical parts of the distributor. Bearings, points, condenser, advance mechanism, springs, cam lobe, distributor cap, rotor etc.

We replace all parts that need replacing and what is not available we will have reproduced.

All the systems we rebuild are set up and adjusted on our distributor test bench. This way you can be sure that the mechanical advance system, dwell and rotor phasing are set up correctly. Every distributor we rebuild comes with a test report.

We are specialized in Magneti Marelli distributors as they are used on many Italian exotics but we do all brands and types.

Check out our gallery below for some of our work. Interested? Just send us an e-mail.

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